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Violent Video Games Cause Violent Behavior:
Yes? or No?

Read "Violent media causes violent behavior. Right?"

List two facts that support the argument:



Now click on the "flip side" of the argument, and read it.  What are two opposing arguments?


Do these sources appear to be objective (unbiased?) Y N


Now read "Fighting Back: Protecting Children from Violent Video Games

5. Who sponsors this site? ________________________________________________

6. Look at the sidebars surrounding the article: what can you conclude about this organization's point of view?

7. Can you find an opinion on this page? Copy it here:


8. Is the article persuasive? (Did it convince you to agree with the author's point of view?) Y N

9. Do you think this site is biased (selects information that supports only its opinion)?
Explain your answer:

What do you think?  Video games do         do not           cause young people to be more violent.
Can you find another objective, unbiased article to support your point of view?  List its title:

and URL: _______________________________________