Try this: Select a compound topic (at least two words). Use the diagram to help you choose the words you will use. Search in each of the search engines.  Which one gave you the most useful results? 

Use these search engines; while you're there, explore some of their features. Remember to write down not only the number of sites they retrieved, but also what percentage you think will be useful to you. Number 
of sites
Try an advanced search; now how many sites did you find?    
Try an Advanced Search; now how many sites did you find?    
Try a "metasearch" engine - Dogpile combines results from several different search engines. How many sites did you find?      
Try clicking on one of the categories listed on the right.    
WebCrawler is also a "metasearch" engine; compare your results with those from Dogpile.    
Try rephrasing your topic as a question; now how many sites did you find?    

Exercise designed by Janet Murray.
Last updated:October, 2015.