From School Librarian
to "Information TeAchnician"

A hands-on workshop designed for the 
TCEA Conference ~ February 5, 1997
Janet Murray

In the "Information Age", school library media centers play a dynamic and evolving instructional role as students learn to access, evaluate, analyze and synthesize information from a variety of formats. Discussions of information technology frequently focus on data, hardware and infrastructure as if these tools alone will automagically reform education to produce competent lifelong learners. Experienced educators know that we must add an "A" to "tech"; technology in isolation ignores the "a" in "teAch". School librarians have the professional training and expertise to guide information processing learning activities: call them "information teAchnicians".

Table of Contents

Learning About the Internet Resources for Library/Media Specialists
Locating Information Incorporating Technology in Instruction
Evaluating Educational Web Sites Issues Affecting Internet Use in Schools
Curriculum Resources

Learning About the Internet

Locating Information on the Internet

Evaluating Educational Web Sites

Curriculum Resources

Resources for Library/Media Specialists

Incorporating Technology in Instruction

Issues Affecting Internet Use in Schools