Finding the Trees
in the Digital Forest

A hands-on workshop presented for 
EARCOS, November, 2000
by Janet Murray

Newcomers often describe their first encounter with the Internet as overwhelming; the digital forest is so vast that at first there may seem to be no trails. Here are some signposts to help you blaze your own learning pathway:


Beginners' Guide to the Internet for Educators
Finding Information on the Internet: A TUTORIAL from UC Berkeley.

Locating Information on the Internet

Try this: Select a topic for which you could use some supplementary material in your curriculum.  Search in each of the subject directories; which one gave you the best results?
Try this: Select a compound concept (at least two words) related to the topic above. Search in each of the search engines.  Which one gave you the most relevant results? 
Try this:  Search for the same topic you used above in each of the multithreaded search engines. Did your search results improve? If not, consider their limitations.
Try this:  Try a new search in Ask Jeeves and Subjex.  Does phrasing your inquiry as a complete sentence significantly change the way you search?

Curriculum Resources