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New Book Aligns K-12 Lessons to Achieve ICT Literacy Goals (2016)

Based on the Big6 by the Month webinar series, The Big6 Curriculum: Comprehensive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy for all Students offers a conceptual underpinning and very practical means for implementing an effective and essential information literacy program. It includes lesson plans, program planning guidelines, and templates to develop your own ICT literacy instructional program. Available from Libraries Unlimited and Amazon (with sample pages). On sale now at the Big6 Store.

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Big6 by the Month 2010-2015

Big6 by the Month Overview at OASL jointly with WLMA October, 2012

Big6 by the Month at NCCE, March, 2012

Big6 by the Month Overview at WLMA October, 2011

Implement Comprehensive Information Literacy: articles in Library Media Connection and Continuing Education Units available, 2011-2012

Teacher Librarian Summit
at NCCE, March, 2011

Big6 Webinar: Use the Big6™ to Achieve Educational Standards (2011).

Guest Editor, "Where in the World? School Libraries Overseas," OASL Interchange, Spring, 2010.

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"Navigating Educational Standards with Technology and the Big6" presented at NCCE 2009.

"Lead Your Students to Achieve ICT Literacy Standards" presented at OASL/WLMA Joint Conference 2008.

Achieving Educational Standards Using the Big6
Linworth Publications. 2008. Read a review: "highly recommended."

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Big6 Matrix: Use the Internet with Big6 Skills to Achieve Standards 1999, re-designed for NECC2002. Incorporation of ISTE NETS standards described in the Big6 eNewsletter, Spring, 2002. Revised and expanded for publication in The Book Report September/October 2002. Presented at ASCD Try-It-On-Monday workshop, Tokyo, September, 2002. Updated to incorporate new NETS standards, August, 2007. Updated to incorporate new AASL standards, November, 2007.

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Professional Development for Teachers: Hot Tips, Many Links (creating web pages) and Designing WebQuests Winter, 2001. Updated Spring, 2007.

Customizing YOUR Cabin in the Woods: Incorporating Technology in Instruction, presented at ASCD Fall Workshop, Tokyo, Japan, September, 2000. Revised for EARCOS (East Asian Resource Council of Overseas Schools) Library Media Conference at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November, 2000.

Finding the Trees in the Digital Forest: Locating Information on the Internet, presented at ASCD Fall Workshop, Tokyo, Japan, September, 2000.  Revised for EARCOS November, 2000.

The ABC's of Web Site Evaluation: presented at EARCOS, November, 2000.

Information TeAchnology: Using the Internet for Student Research presented at the International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure to Support Electronic Business, Science, and Education on the Internet, L'Aquila, Italy, August, 2000. Published in Electronic Business and Education: Recent Advances in the Internet Infrastructure (Kluwer Academic Publishers, August, 2001).

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Culture Shift: Living in Japan

From School Librarian to Information TeAchnician: presented at Texas Computer Education Association conference, February, 1997.

Comstockery in Cyberspace: Intellectual Freedom on the Infobahn: prepared for Washington Interactive TV, March, 1996.

Searching the 'Net: an OII Oregon project.

Intellectual Freedom: Roadkill on the Information Superhighway?: presented at ALA Annual Conference, June, 1995.

Training is for Dogs: Teachers Teach; Teachers Learn: presented at INET'95

K12Net: Global Education through Telecommunications: presented at INET'92

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